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by Kanina

Virtual Year-Round Hide Tanning - Sponsorship

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$200 fee sponsors someone to receive access to the full Virtual Year-Round Hide Tanning series.

A 3-part online series that shares how Kanina tans hides year-round to make smoked hide aka brain tanned hide aka buckskin. This series is an accumulation of 6 years of knowledge gathering and skill building. The focus is on moose hide tanning, however the techniques can be used for other animal hides.

Full series includes:

  • Fall Hide Work
  • Winter Hide Work
  • Warm Weather Hide Work
  • Access to Slides & Recordings

If payment is a barrier for you to access these teachings, message me though the contact form on my website with a brief introduction (no need to explain your $ circumstances). Priority will be given to Indigenous Peoples of Canada and USA.