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by Kanina

Virtual Year-Round Hide Tanning - Full Series

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A 3-part online series that shares how Kanina tans hides year-round to make smoked hide aka brain tanned hide aka buckskin. This series is an accumulation of 6 years of knowledge gathering and skill building.  The focus is on moose hide tanning, however the techniques can be used for other animal hides.

$200 fee includes:

  • Fall Hide Work (October 4, 6-8 pm CDT & October 14, 1-3 pm CDT)
  • Winter Hide Work
  • Warm Weather Hide Work
  • Access to Slides & Recordings

Each series part will be presented live on Zoom twice per season.  Zoom sessions are approximately 2 hours long with a presentation and Q&A period. Purchase once and receive emails for all live sessions. After the live sessions you will get access to the session slides and recordings which can be viewed on your schedule. Emails will be sent to the email you use when purchasing.

There are two fee options:

  • Full price - $200 - use if you are financially able to
  • Reduced - $100

If payment is a barrier for you to access these teachings, message me though the contact form on my website with a brief introduction (no need to explain your $ circumstances). Priority will be given to Indigenous Peoples of Canada and USA.